Credit Alerts

The Importance of Credit Alerts –

Credit monitoring alerts provide you with notification when changes to your credit file occur. This type of service is mainly used to prevent identity theft, but it's also an excellent service for tracking improvements in your credit score or your credit history. One way to distinguish a good monitoring service is whether they provide e-mail notification of changes to your account within a 24-hour period.

There are different types of account changes that make their way into credit alerts. When a creditor makes an inquiry into your credit history, an alert is usually sent out. This can be one of the first indications that someone is using your personal and credit information to obtain new lines of credit.

An unauthorized new account is a good sign that someone is trying to take advantage of you. Knowing about suspicious activity is the first step in stopping criminals from continuing to damage your credit. Close down those accounts, change your personal information and passwords as necessary, and contact creditors to clear up any issues immediately.

In addition to potential crimes, a credit monitoring alert is a helpful tool for people looking to improve their credit rating. If you're trying to get a better credit score before you apply for a home loan or line of credit, a credit alert may help you understand when your score has improved.

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