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When you use, you can feel secure with 24/7 credit monitoring, without having to do a thing. If there is any significant change to your credit, you’ll be instantly notified using an online credit protection alert. Plus, you will receive monthly credit monitoring notices that provide you with an updated view of your credit at-a-glance.

Your monitoring service from provides you with instant alerts via email or phone if there is a change to your credit report, so you can react immediately if there is suspicious activity.

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Why Choose Credit Monitoring from might be the most important tool you use to protect your identity and your finances. is a credit monitoring site, used by tens of thousands of consumers like you to provide comprehensive ID fraud protection. With the increasing threat of identity theft (10 million Americans per year become victims) and with the high rate of errors on credit reports, you’re at a disadvantage as a consumer if you're not monitoring your credit regularly. To get the most out of the credit monitoring service features of, you will first need to understand the information that is included in your credit report. For help with reviewing your credit report, features valuable articles that can instruct you on exactly what your credit report means to your financial future. Of considerable concern are the effects of a bad credit score on your ability to make large purchases, or to even get a job. Topics covered include buying a boat, buying an automobile, buying a home, and also renting an apartment and why a 3-in1 report is the better option for you. Additionally, provides articles about how life events can affect your credit score, the relationship between your cell phone payment history and your credit score, and a glossary of helpful terms relating to your credit report. Further articles cover the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, which covers your right to receive a credit report every twelve months, and you can also find helpful tips on how you can improve your credit score. For maximum financial protection, get your online credit report with, and also be sure to review all of our articles relating to credit report monitoring.

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