How Credit Monitoring Works

Understand How Credit Monitoring Works

Credit monitoring is used by consumers for one primary reason – identity protection. Credit monitoring services are designed to immediately inform you of any changes to your credit report. The credit check monitoring service alerts you of significant changes to your credit file within 24 hours, so you can feel confident and secure with instant ID fraud protection. And you can also feel confident knowing that using a credit line monitoring service does not affect your credit score.

How credit monitoring works is like this: The credit monitoring service will constantly monitor your credit report for any changes. If suspicious changes do occur, you will be notified via the credit monitoring online service with an email within 24 hours of the activity. The credit protection service alerts you of any suspicious activity quickly to ensure you have adequate ID fraud protection.

More specifically, the credit online protection service alerts you of any of the following:

  • New inquiries on your credit report
  • New accounts opened in your name
  • Late payments
  • Improvements in your credit file
  • Bankruptcies and other public records
  • New addresses
  • New employers

If you choose credit monitoring from, you will receive comprehensive updates and instant alerts to any changes to your credit file. Once you receive an alert in the form of an email stating that the monitoring service has found a change to your credit file, you can log into the online protection service member area by visiting or by clicking the link in the alert mail. There you will be taken directly to the credit protection service membership area where you can see a list of all recent and past alerts that this credit line monitoring service has detected.

If your email address changes, you can easily change the email address to which your online credit monitor report gets sent. All you have to do is log onto the credit protection service member area, click “modify personal info” and enter the updated address. Your email address will immediately be updated so you continue to see the most recent changes in your file through the credit monitor service.

If your credit monitor report indicates changes that you feel may be the result of identity theft or fraud, you have the right to dispute the information on the credit monitor report that you feel is erroneous. Visit for a complete list of actions you can take if your monitoring service reveals potential ID theft.

The credit check monitoring service at is a worthwhile step for you to take for ID theft protection and a thorough way for you to protect your credit. Our online credit monitoring service helps you stay on top of your credit, check your credit report regularly to catch possible inaccuracies, and to provide online credit monitoring for identity protection and overall credit protection.

Credit protection requires the right tools. Protect yourself and your family right now using our consumer credit protection services. Get a copy of your free credit score and start using our instant credit monitoring service now!