Data Breach Laws in Senate

A law that could lead to data breach victims receiving free credit monitoring is one step closer to reality.

Overcome Lending Restrictions

Become more attractive to lenders by employing money management techniques to boost your credit score.

Incidents and Awareness of Data Breaches Continue to Increase

Data breaches trending upward since 2006. What should you do if your identity’s exposed by a data breach?

Healthcare Data Breaches On the Rise

Digital storage of medical records is leading to higher incidents of data breaches, leading to ID theft.

Credit Bureaus Held Responsible for Inaccurate Information

After one woman was erroneously named a Colombian drug dealer, a court rules that credit bureaus will be held responsible for false watch list data information.

Large Number of Data Breaches Result of Configuration Errors

Minor application errors on a computer system may make it easier for hackers to breach a company's database.

Credit Monitoring After Breach Could Take Months to Begin

While there have been fewer consumers affected by data breaches of any kind so far this year, the number of such incidents has increased dramatically over the same period in 2009.

Military Data Breach Caused By Malware

The data breach that compromised sensitive military information is the direct result of an infected USB drive.

Hospital Offers Credit Monitoring After Discovery of Possible Breach

A medical center in South Carolina has said it will offer about 200 patients credit monitoring and other identity theft protection after it found a potential breach of its computer system.

Identity Theft Possible After Laptop Stolen from Hospital

A break-in at the University of Kentucky's largest healthcare center has prompted fears that thieves may now be able to perpetrate identity theft.