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How Will Cancelling a Credit Card Impact My Credit Score?

Are you considering closing a credit card? Discover the ways it can impact your finances, and how knowing when to act can make a difference. Continue reading

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Paying Down Debt

Discover some strategies for starting to pay down your debts. Choosing to be smart about how you get out of debt can help put you further ahead. Continue reading

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How Long Can a Debt Be Reported to Credit Bureaus?

Unpaid debts can put a dent in your credit score that can last for years. The type of negative item on your credit report – whether a late payment, bankruptcy or civil judgment – determines exactly how long the negative … Continue reading

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How to Teach Your Teenager the Importance of Paying Taxes

While paying taxes might not be a fun thing to do, it is a fundamental requirement of living in the United States. The responsibility to pay even stretches to children and teenagers who earn enough to reach the Internal Revenue … Continue reading

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Budgeting Tools for Paying Off Credit Cards

Personal budgets can help you pay off your credit cards faster by letting you see how much money you have coming in and where you’re spending it. Once you understand your income and outflow, you can build a plan that … Continue reading

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Top Thoughts to Consider When Using Your Department Store Card

Department store credit cards can often have a misleading reputation for lowering your credit score. But as with many things in life it comes down to how you use them, so if you already have one, don’t rush to cancel … Continue reading

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Ways to Reduce a Home Loan

If you’re like many homeowners, your largest monthly expense is probably your mortgage. So, saving a little on your mortgage over time could add up to real savings. One way to pay down your home loan faster is to make … Continue reading

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How I Solved Over $25,000 in Personal Debts

Nothing weighs you down like debt. It makes it difficult to keep up with the big-ticket financial necessities like saving for retirement, purchasing a home, and setting up a college savings fund for your kids. If it’s there, though, you … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Before the lessons of the Great Recession, many Americans viewed big credit card bills in January as just one more necessary side-effect of the holidays. But, if you’ve rethought your spending and saving habits, you may no longer be comfortable … Continue reading

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Black Friday: Best Buys and Don’t Buys for Holiday Deals

The day after Thanksgiving is commonly called “Black Friday” because it’s the day retailers often hit their sales goals for the year and are “in the black.” Sales abound throughout Black Friday weekend, and many take advantage of those promotions … Continue reading

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